The bow tie is back!

When it comes to the male wardrobe, the neck tie is considered a key staple. But over the years, have we forgotten the charm of the bow tie? And in all the patterns and fabrics it can be worn?
And yet, it has always been, and is increasingly becoming, a serious contender when it comes to choosing a wedding suit. The bow tie has also bounced back for just around town or an evening out, having fallen back into favour with the young and not-so-young alike. So, how should you wear the bow tie today, for a trendy, timeless look?

A brief history of the bow tie

Over the course of history, the bow tie wasn't seen as so very different from the humble neck tie. Indeed, contrary to how it is worn today, the tie was tied in any number of different ways between the 17th and 18th centuries. Sometimes it was even difficult to distinguish it from a cravat. So, before the bow tie as we know it today, it was standard for well-heeled gents to wear a tie with a much larger knot.

The chic and playful charm of the bow tie

Winston Churchill was renowned for always wearing a bow tie...and a polka dot one at that! It was considered flamboyant for the time, even though English fashion has never paid too much mind to convention. After that, apart from with a tuxedo or for special ceremonies, the “dicky bow” somehow lost its lustre. Then, around 4 or 5 years ago, it reappeared on the necks of young men as if nothing had ever happened. It suddenly became a fun and quirky accessory, due to the wide variety of patterns and materials it came in. Silk, of course, but also wool and even...wait for it...wood!

The groom's bow tie

When it comes to wedding attire, the bow tie is the perfect way to cast off an overly austere style. It adds just the right touch of novelty. And of course, it now comes in brighter colours. As well as a variety of patterns, especially stripes, tartan, floral and, more recently, geometric Japanese motifs. An absolute must for a successful wedding suit: the bow tie should be worn tone-on-tone or as a contrasting colour...

If you’re not quite ready to wear one out and about on the regular like some of the bold style-setters out there, the bow tie still remains an elegant accessory that has made an exceedingly stylish comeback for nights out and special occasions.




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