Symbolising the House’s expertise
100% wool - 310 g

It is already 25 years since Dormeuil created one of the most beautiful fabrics of modern times. Given the name Amadeus it immediately conjures up the essence of genius and beauty as one thinks of the music of Mozart. It has become a star creation of the house, distilling the inventiveness and knowledge associated with Dormeuil, in a fabric which possesses both performance and comfort and perfect drape.
Made of pure and extra fine Merino wool in a weight of 310grs/10.5oz, Amadeus gives a great handle due to the secret finishing processes Dormeuil brings to its manufacture in its traditional mills in England. These qualities have won Amadeus a special place in the panoply of top tailoring houses and clothing manufacturers the world over it is a brand in its own right, at the same time easy to work and with great strength. Most importantly Amadeus remains at the forefront of sophisticated trends in color and design like the new season's elegant checks which capture the essence of fashionable style for the discerning man.


100% wool - 310 g


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