Casual chic

A collection of luxury-quality cloths for suits, jackets and trousers
270 to 400 g

Dormeuil are proud to present their new Casual Chic collection. An increased interest in luxury casual wear has led our design studio to create 3 very different qualities for suits, jackets or trousers.
Amadeus Casual Chic – An innovative construction called “16 to 3” is used to produce this unique fabric. Combined with Amadeus yarn the handle is luxurious and the diagonal effect on the surface of the fabric gives a look which is perfect for a contemporary garment.
Whipcord – Incomparable performance is the hallmark of this traditional cloth. New colours have been created to enrich the collection, as well as a new smoother finish.
Stretch Corduroy – This new corduroy quality has been developed with the focus squarely on comfort and colour. Elastane fibre (2%) is mixed with the pure cotton to improve the fit and comfort of the garment. A vibrant colour palette complements all these technical features.

319001CASUAL TWILL 100% wool 270g
319004CASUAL TWILL 100% wool 270g
319011CASUAL TWILL 100% wool 270g
319013CASUAL TWILL 100% wool 270g
319014CASUAL TWILL 100% wool 270g
769632WHIPCORD 100% wool 440g
769635WHIPCORD 100% wool 440g
769638WHIPCORD 100% wool 440g
769639WHIPCORD 100% wool 440g
769641WHIPCORD 100% wool 440g
769642WHIPCORD 100% wool 440g
769643WHIPCORD 100% wool 440g
769644WHIPCORD 100% wool 440g
885603COTTON 98% cotton - 2% elasthane 400g
885604COTTON 98% cotton - 2% elasthane 400g
885606COTTON 98% cotton - 2% elasthane 400g
885609COTTON 98% cotton - 2% elasthane 400g
885610COTTON 98% cotton - 2% elasthane 400g
885611COTTON 98% cotton - 2% elasthane 400g
885612COTTON 98% cotton - 2% elasthane 400g
885616COTTON 98% cotton - 2% elasthane 400g

Casual chic

270 to 400 g


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