Extreme Vicuna

A luxury collection created with the fibre of the gods
100% pure Vicuna - 320 to 520 g

Ever since its foundation in 1842, the House of Dormeuil has sought out rare and precious fibres around the world. The focus on discovery has been maintained through the generations and the quest for the rare and precious is woven into Dormeuil’s history and into its fabrics. The prize of this latest search is the native vicuna. The protected animal is treated with great care and respect during the shearing process, which takes no more than ten minutes. Each animal is only sheared every two years. Each vicuna provides approximately 300 grams of wool.
For the very first time, in addition to Peruvian vicuna, Dormeuil has also used Argentinean fibres. Extremely rare, extremely pale, extremely difficult to weave, the exclusive raw material gives this Extreme Vicuna Collection its supremacy. The Dormeuil team arrived in time to witness a rare event, the shearing of the vicuna. The fibres are so marvellously fine, at just 12 microns in diameter, that it seems as if a breath of wind could blow them away. A carefully controlled production process, from shearing to weaving and finishing ensures the traceability of this precious material.
Furthermore to unparalleled length and fineness, Vicuna wool fibres have an unmatched brightness which is the secret of their beauty and lustre. These qualities have allowed Dormeuil’s master weavers to create cloth of rare colour and brilliance from the world’s finest wool. The new palette of ten colours features several unexpected choices, including beige, light grey and plum, which recall views of the South American mountains. In addition to the surprising colour range achieved, vicuna wool allows scope for genuine technical virtuosity.
The search for excellence, chic luxury and cutting-edge spirit makes Dormeuil’s new Extreme Vicuna collection stand out as unique.

511003EXTREME VICUNA 100% vicuna 330g
511004EXTREME VICUNA 100% vicuna 330g
511006EXTREME VICUNA 100% vicuna 330g
511007EXTREME VICUNA 100% vicuna 330g
511008EXTREME VICUNA 100% vicuna 330g
511009EXTREME VICUNA 100% vicuna 330g

Extreme Vicuna

100% pure Vicuna - 320 to 520 g


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