Luxurious fabrics for coats

Dormeuil’s new collection named Luxury Overcoatings unveils a gorgeous selection of 37 luxurious fabrics for coats displaying all the latest technical innovations. It has been inspired by current international trends to increase the range of styles available to tempt a clientele known to be fond of new ideas. The result is a really exciting list of developments.
- A selection of new designs and colours in pure alpaca fabric for warm and ultra-comfortable coats.
- A large range of natural alpaca and wool blends, ideal for the latest trends in soft and comfortable stylish coats.
- Pure cashmere options include double-sided and two-tone versions. Some have a brushed finish for on-trend extra-soft shiny effects.
- To sum up, the exciting new options presented by these luxurious wool and cashmere fabrics, some with the latest finishes, offer connoisseurs unique combinations of comfort and style.

470201OVERCOATINGS 100% alpaca 505g
470202OVERCOATINGS 100% alpaca 505g
771504COATING 70% alpaca - 30% wool 570g
796002PURE CASHMERE 100% cashmere 470g
796003PURE CASHMERE 100% cashmere 470g
994120COAT WOOL CASHMERE 90% wool - 10% cashmere 480g
994123COAT WOOL CASHMERE 90% wool - 10% cashmere 480g
994125COAT WOOL CASHMERE 90% wool - 10% cashmere 480g
995300CASHMERE 100% cashmere 470g
995301CASHMERE 100% cashmere 470g
995302CASHMERE 100% cashmere 470g



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