Royal 11 Krono

100% wool - 290 to 320 gr

The Royal 11-Krono range is a modern take on tradition.

First, Royal 11, made from 100% wool, where the classic appearance of the range conceals many innovations. Enhanced performance yarns with a meticulously calculated count have created this best seller fabric, perfect for the winter season; it distils all the intrinsic qualities of the finest English cloths.

Then, Krono, which is designed to make both the tailor and their client happy, with a timeless range that will deliver on the expectations of a clientele attached to the traditional values of House of Dormeuil and at the same time mindful of technological innovation.

The decorative style pays homage to legendary themes: pinstripes, low-key checks, twills and basket-weaves in unobtrusive relief, or subtly patterned formal caviar.

These fabrics are extraordinarily adaptable and satisfying, none of these fabrics is heavy, from finest to the thickest. From softest and densest, none of them creases easily. From lightest to darkest, they cast their spell.

British style is placed front and centre, creating a classic, stylish high-performance range. This perfect blend is what gives the range its prestige touch.

313001KRONO 100% wool 290g
313004KRONO 100% wool 290g
313008KRONO 100% wool 290g
313017KRONO 100% wool 290g
313031KRONO 100% wool 290g
313035KRONO 100% wool 290g
313036KRONO 100% wool 290g
313042KRONO 100% wool 290g
313043KRONO 100% wool 290g
313046KRONO 100% wool 290g
313047KRONO 100% wool 290g
313051KRONO 100% wool 290g
313052KRONO 100% wool 290g
313053KRONO 100% wool 290g
313054KRONO 100% wool 290g
313057KRONO 100% wool 290g
313058KRONO 100% wool 290g
313060KRONO 100% wool 290g
313071KRONO 100% wool 290g
313074KRONO 100% wool 290g
313076KRONO 100% wool 290g
313077KRONO 100% wool 290g
313078KRONO 100% wool 290g
313080KRONO 100% wool 300g
313081KRONO 100% wool 300g
313082KRONO 100% wool 300g
313083KRONO 100% wool 300g
313084KRONO 100% wool 290g
313085KRONO 100% wool 290g
313086KRONO 100% wool 300g
313087KRONO 100% wool 300g
313088KRONO 100% wool 300g
313089KRONO 100% wool 290g
313090KRONO 100% wool 290g
313091KRONO 100% wool 290g
313092KRONO 100% wool 290g
313093KRONO 100% wool 290g
313094KRONO 100% wool 290g
313098KRONO 100% wool 290g
313099KRONO 100% wool 290g
313100KRONO 100% wool 290g
313101KRONO 100% wool 290g
313102KRONO 100% wool 290g
313103KRONO 100% wool 290g
313104KRONO 100% wool 290g
321001ROYAL 11 100% wool 340g
321002ROYAL 11 100% wool 350g
321003ROYAL 11 100% wool 350g
321004ROYAL 11 100% wool 350g
321013ROYAL 11 100% wool 340g
321014ROYAL 11 100% wool 340g
321015ROYAL 11 100% wool 340g
321016ROYAL 11 100% wool 340g
321018ROYAL 11 100% wool 340g
321019ROYAL 11 100% wool 340g
321020ROYAL 11 100% wool 340g
321021ROYAL 11 100% wool 340g
321022ROYAL 11 100% wool 340g
321023ROYAL 11 100% wool 340g
321024ROYAL 11 100% wool 340g
321025ROYAL 11 100% wool 340g
321027ROYAL 11 100% wool 340g
321029ROYAL 11 100% wool 340g
321030ROYAL 11 100% wool 350g
321032ROYAL 11 100% wool 340g

Royal 11 Krono

100% wool - 290 to 320 gr


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