Established since 1842, find out about

the history of House of Dormeuil

has the idea of importing English cloth into France.
Alfred et Auguste Dormeuil
join the family business.
The family crest is created, with three rams’ heads representing the three brothers: Jules, Alfred and Auguste.
Dormeuil Frères
The company takes the name Dormeuil Frères and sets up its registered office at 4 rue Vivienne in Paris.
Jules Dormeuil opens his first boutique at 10 New Burlington Street in London’s renowned tailoring district.
Dormeuil begins to expand across borders and arrives in Asia.
142 fifth Avenue
Dormeuil opens its first office in the United States, at 142 Fifth Avenue in New York.
Arnaud Massy
Dormeuil embarks on sponsorship, starting with Arnaud Massy (1877-1950), thought by many to be France’s greatest-ever golfer. He was the first non-British European to win the British Open, in 1907.
Dormeuil launches its first fabrics for women.
Launch of the Dormeurine advertising campaign “Chacun pour soi, Dormeurine pour tous” (“Every man for himself, Dormeurine for every man”), by well-known British illustrator Cecil Aldin (1870-1935).
Second generation: Georges Dormeuil builds the prestigious Dormeuil House in London’s Golden Square.
Third generation: Pierre invents Sportex, « The fabric of champions, the champion fabric ».
Dormeuil invents the woven selvedge for fabrics.
Dormeuil dresses the ‘Musketeers’: well-known French tennis players René Lacoste, Henri Cochet, Jacques Brugnon and Jean Borotra are delighted to wear white Frilex trousers, the first cooling fabric on the market.
During the 1930s, Dormeuil launches numerous illustration campaigns to promote Sportex®. Successive illustrators will encapsulate the Sportex® style of the 1930s: Chale, Cox, Anderson and Sullivan, famous for having created the world-famous Felix the Cat cartoon.
Dormeuil launches its Haute Couture fabric collection.
Fourth generation: Xavier Dormeuil creates the famous « Tonik® ».
Creation of the first ready-to-wear line under the « Guy Dormeuil » name.
Dormeuil chooses Veruschka, one of the best-known models of the 1960s and 1970s, to be the face of the new Tonik® campaign. These advertisements were immortalised by renowned Australian photographer Alec Murray, then by major Italian fashion photographer Franco Rubartelli.
Following several years of occasional collaboration in the 1950s, Dormeuil offers Mr Gruau the chance to reinterpret its 1980s Man. Mr Gruau became one of the best known and most popular artists in fashion and haute couture.
Cindy Crawford
For its 1986 campaign, Dormeuil uses a renowned photographer, Victor Skrebneski, and an up-and-coming young model with a bright future ahead of her, Cindy Crawford.
Charles and Dominic Dormeuil launch «Laser®» in Paris.
The global expansion continues with the opening of offices in China and Australia.
Dormeuil creates Amadeus, one of the most beautiful fabrics of modern times, epitomising performance, comfort and excellent drape.
Dormeuil celebrates its 150th anniversary!
The lights on the Eiffel Tower are switched off for the occasion.
Dormeuil sets up in New York to grow the US markets.
Cinquième génération
Fifth generation: Dominic Dormeuil becomes the new chairman of the family group and launches the Pashmina® luxury fabric.
Dormeuil brings out a new ready-to-wear line. Dormeuil Mode is founded to manage distribution.
Dormeuil Mode opens four boutiques in Paris.
'Vanquish': Dormeuil creates the most expensive and luxurious fabric in the world with a worldwide launch and just 300 suit lengths available.
Royal Qiviuk®
Dormeuil celebrates its 165th anniversary with the launch of « Royal Qiviuk® ».
Dormeuil discovers a new fibre in Kyrgyzstan and uses it to create a highly innovative fabric, « Kirgyz White® ».
Opening of the Indian subsidiary in New Delhi.
Opening of the new subsidiary in Shanghai, celebrating 120 years of Dormeuil in China.
The Dormeuil head office moves from Palaiseau to Wissous, still close to Orly airport.
Launch of « Jade », combining an incredibly fine wool with a gemstone, jade.
To support Japan after the earthquake that hit the country on 11 March, Dormeuil launched a worldwide campaign, Kibou311, in partnership with French charity, « LOOM ».
170 years of innovation. Dormeuil designed a special bunch for the occasion, Matterhorn Blue, to celebrate the colour blue in all its depth.
Launch of « Infinity», a new collection of Dormeuil’s most beautiful fibre discoveries.
Launch of «Extreme Vicuna», a characteristically fine, soft and lustrous cloth produced in unprecedented colours.
À la recherche des laines précieuses
Dominic Dormeuil publishes his book
« In Search of the World’s Precious Wools » through publishing company Glénat.
Dormeuil creates Exel, the first pure wool cloth with 20% stretch and no elastane, for maximum comfort. The cloth of the future.

Naissance de la Maison Dormeuil


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