10 steps to elegance

The 10 commandments for elegance in every situation:

1) Always keep your top button undone. If you’re wearing a shirt with double cuffs, you can subtly reveal your cuff links by leaving two buttons open.

2) For elegance in every situation, choose a matching tie and pocket square.

3) Make sure your shirt sleeve always extends a centimetre beyond your jacket.

4) Never wear a shirt that is darker than your suit.

5) Always keep the last button on your jacket open.

6) The hang of your suit is essential.

7) Take care with the length of your trousers: if you are wearing wide trousers, make sure that they cover the top of the heel of your shoe. If you opt for a more fitted trouser, the leg should come down onto your shoe by just half a centimetre.

8) Pay attention to the details of your outfit. For example, why not match your socks to the colour of your suit or try wearing some colourful socks to give that twist to your outfit.

9) Short socks are definitely to be avoided with a suit. Go for much more elegant calf-length socks instead.

10) Your shoes provide the finishing touch for your outfit, and there’s no room for error: never wear black shoes before 6 pm. In contrast, you can easily play around with shades of brown for daytime. Purplish or aubergine tones are very trendy, for example.


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