3 ways to fold your pocket square

Wearing your pocket square well doesn’t just mean knowing how to match it to your look: for flawless elegance, you also need to know how to fold it, which fold to use to suit your style, and how to select the fabric to suit your chosen fold.
If you’re a more reserved type who is new to the world of the pocket square, here are three classic ways to wear your pocket square that you can use as you please for any occasion.

1.       The classic fold
The classic fold is one of the most understated types of fold. It’s perfect if you’re new to wearing a pocket square with your suit, adding an unfussy, easy-to-fold finishing touch to your look.
It’s best to use a pocket square in a firm fabric for this fold, so that it stays properly in place.

2.       The single-point fold
Provides an original yet formal touch, without being over the top. Linen and cotton fabrics are ideal for this type of fold. Note that the pocket square should be parallel with your blazer lapel.

3.       The two-point fold
More elaborate than the single-point fold, and certainly less formal, this fold requires the same type of fabric – linen or cotton – and has an easy, stylish feel.

Which of these three folds would you choose?


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