A Guide to Shanghai

Shanghai; where East and West, old and new, wealth and poverty, all careen into one another at breakneck speed - erupting into a deafening cacophony of light, noise, architecture, food and fashion to conceive one of the most culturally eclectic experiences imaginable.

Perhaps nowhere in Shanghai can the juxtaposition of such contrasts be felt more than around The Bund - where the colonial-era architecture of Waitan is offset by the space-age skyline of cross-river Pudong, and where the fine dining offered at such establishments as the Peninsula, Fairmont Peace and Waldorf Astoria hotels, is offset by traditional Shanghainese street food that can be found only a short stroll away.

As the sun sets, Pudong’s space-age skyline comes alive - the bright lights of the Oriental Pearl Tower and surrounding buildings refracted by the omnipresent smog - painting a technicolored visage in the sky. Nowhere is it quite so perfect to soak in these colourful vistas as the world renowned Sir Elly’s bar atop the Peninsula Hotel - where you may luxuriate in fine cocktails and food whilst enjoying an unencumbered view of the skyline.
For those enraptured of Shanghai’s air of excess and opulent mystique, may we suggest thereafter venturing to ‘M1NT’ - which is replete with a shark-filled tank that lines the wall as you enter.

Or, for those seeking a more relaxed bookend to their evening, perhaps make your way cross-river to the Ritz Carlton Pudong, where you may enjoy an evening of tapas and cocktails overlooking the city from its highest bar - ‘Flair Rooftop Restaurant and Bar’.
Perhaps what binds us at Dormeuil most to Shanghai though, is our shared French heritage. Situated to the south-west of The Bund, Shanghai’s French concession - which was established over the period spanning 1849 to 1943 - is now characterised by its European architecture, tree-lined streets and concentration of upscale European eateries and fashion boutiques.


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