Caroline Andrew

Jackets and suits have long been a matter of interest and fascination for men, especially during the nineteenth century, when the suit was considered as a mark of masculinity, virility and power. Thus it has long been something reserved for men only.
But since the last century, we have seen an emerging trend of women dressing as men, in suits and jackets.

There are various reasons to this fashion phenomenon.
Firstly, this trend came from Haute Couture and was largely due to Yves Saint Laurent, who enhanced femininity and sensuality with a smoking jacket style (often created in Dormeuil cloth of course ). Nowadays, there is in fact a real step back to androgynous, or masculine garments to highlight femininity, and this is why the suit is now of particularly interest to women.
Another reason for the reinforcement of the trend launched by Yves Saint Laurent several decades ago, is that even though our mindset has changed, there still exist a differentiation between both gender in the work place. In fact, if women can now access similar job positions as men, there still exists a gap in the way they that women are treated at work and how they are paid. So dressing in suits, like men, might empower women and help them gain consideration for the top jobs.

Several designers and brands have understood this trend and, like Yves Saint Laurent did during his time, try to answer this demand, whilst capturing the femininity and sensuality and enhancing them through the suits and jacket they create for women. Caroline Andrew is one of these designers.

Caroline Andrew (London) is emerging as a highly respected bespoke tailor focusing on traditional British suits for both men & women. Caroline Andrew infuses Savile Row cutting and tailoring techniques with the brand’s clean and minimalist design aesthetic to create the brand’s signature house style.

Based in the heart of London, Caroline Andrew has been recognized for consistently breaking new ground, combining fashion, design, art and architecture into bespoke garments. True to her pioneer spirit, Caroline Andrew has created the perfect fit and has worked with some of the most respected professionals from Savile Row teaming up with Master tailors and cutters to create her signature style.


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