Dalcuore X Dormeuil for the Rake: A Neapolitan Symphony of Eveningwear

Dormeuil is extremely honoured to partner with Dalcuore, the iconic Neapolitan tailoring house. An exhibition of sharp, artistic and sophisticated eveningwear in Dormeuil cloth.

Dormeuil fabric reference green smocking : 836124

Earlier this year, in all corners of the sartorial universe (yes, Luigi Dalcuore was a cosmic figure) time stopped for a moment to lament his passing. Otherwise known as “Maestro”, a well-earned title reflecting his demanding sophistication and self-assured mastery, the gifted and charismatic Luigi Dalcuore retains an immortal presence, not only within the confines of Neapolitan tailoring, but internationally.
Luigi Dalcuore once told The Rake: “The jacket shouldn’t look like you're wearing rags”. Both the single-breasted and double-breasted dinner jackets fit close to the body, but not in a way that stifles any of that loucheness. Featuring a beautiful range of colour palettes, you can find single-breasted dinner jackets in white and the more flamboyant burgundy aubergine hue, whilst the double-breasted jackets come in either a midnight blue or dark green, both featuring a black lapel. Excluding the dark green and midnight blue jacket, they arrive with matching trousers in the same high-quality Dormeuil wool cloth. For nervous pleat wearers who prefer black trousers one could opt for the flat-fronted style or the reverse-facing single-pleated design. More voluminous but no less chic, the white double-pleated trousers are also a dashing option. Incorporating three exceptional shirts, one plain and two featuring a wing collar, this collection is designed to be mixed and matched in the way you want.

Dormeuil fabric reference blue smocking : 146051

Discover the latest collaboration Dalcuore & Dormeuil for the Rake, to provide a unique collection of sharp & sophisticated eveningwear...


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