Dormeuil x MBO College Hilversum

At the occasion of the opening of the “Menswear & Tailoring” program in the MBO College Hilversum in The Netherlands, Dormeuil decided to support the key concept of this course, through New Tailor, a famour tailor in the country, by donating the students cloths and materials.

The “Menswear & Tailoring” education founded in 2016 aims at bringing back bespoke tailoring skills. "Bespoke tailoring" is thought here as the basis of menswear products.

The vocational training "Menswear & Tailoring" from the MBO College Hilversum is a high quality menswear course where traditional techniques are key. Professionals from the menswear and tailoring industry are closely involved in the program so that there is a strong link established between traditional techniques and high-end men's fashion. The training is a 1 to 3 years course ; depending on the knowledge of the student.


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