Exel, Extreme Performance

Could you imagine how stretch is the Exel fabric ?
We are curious, this is the reason why we keep testing the limits of this natural stretch cloth, its comfort and its flexibility, this season again...

Wearing an Exel suit by Dormeuil, the man feels completely free and self-confident. The video we issued this season illustrates the man’s freedom and how he succeeds in combining both sides of his personality : his urban side and his wild side.
His Exel suit accompanies him and answers his expectations in every situation from one or another of his sides.

The film was shot in the south of France, near Bordeaux.
For the movie, we created only one Exel suit in reference 833003, which was normally tailored. No special arrangement was made in the suit’s confection. Moreover, there were no special effects, the horse rider really ride his horse bareback wearing his Dormeuil suit.
The suit did not crack, and the cloth remained perfectly impeccable and clean from the beginning till the end of the two shooting days, despite the horse’s sweat and the elements (sand, sea, mud, rain...).

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