Sakura trees blossom…

This spring, in May, Dormeuil & Loom Nippon planted more Sakura trees in the town of Minami-Sanriku, which is located in the North of Japan. A prominent place on a junction of two important roads for Minami-Sanriku inhabitants was chosen, so that the Sakura trees, which are a tribute to the victims of the Tsunami, which happened in March 2011, will be part of the daily life of the people living there.

After the planting session, during which each member of the various companies supporting this project could participate, an additional event took place near a former plantation, where it is now possible to observe Sakura trees growing every year, and becoming stronger as a symbol of life. Minami-Sanriku’s mayor (who experienced himself the Tsunami and survived by chance), a representative from Dormeuil, and a number of other supporting companies gave speeches to an appreciative local audience.

The Sakura blossom season was already over but some petals were flying in the wind during the speeches, which reminded all in attendance of the snow that was falling there on the day the Tsunami happened.

Some local groups had prepared dances and songs, and a singer performed in front of the victims’ families and the supporting companies members.

Dormeuil have now planted more a thousand Sakura trees in 7 years.


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