Sustainable and responsible wool is possible!

Treating yourself to a jacket or suit made with rare wool raises the question of the fibre’s provenance and in turn, the conditions in which it was produced. From animal welfare to the work of farmers and craftspeople and the efficient use of resources, how can you be sure the wool you’re buying in your clothing is ethical?

Check the brand’s values

Increasing public awareness means that today, those brands that are genuinely engaged with social and environmental values are recognisable. The most notable are the brands that have always held these values, with an ethical ethos that is intrinsic to their past and their future, and a firm belief that balance in the production of sustainable, responsible wool has everything to do with respect for the natural world and its inhabitants.

Animal welfare is far from an empty phrase for responsible companies that pledge not to work with farmers who fail to care for and protect their flocks. Likewise, these companies ensure that the breeders whom they trust enjoy the very best working conditions, which are often the conditions their ancestors would have been familiar with. This imperative to observe tradition as well as social progress guarantees exceptional quality in the wool.

Fabric traceability is vital

In other cases, it is better to focus on the traceability of the wool than on fine words whose accuracy it would be impossible to affirm. To achieve this, those houses with a genuine commitment are introducing systems that identify the provenance of the material in the garment you are wearing. New technologies such as blockchain and QR codes offer significant potential and cannot be falsified.

Today, wearing a first-class garment made from wool should certainly be a matter of conscience. From production of the raw material to manufacture of the garment, it is the company’s responsibility to create a cloth that demonstrates clear evidence of expertise and of respect for people, animals and nature.

The Tonik® Wool range of fabrics comes from a sustainable source and addresses all of these concerns. Every one of its Patagonian wool fibres is cherished, both for its rarity and the way it is produced.


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