The Suit Truck on the road!

A few months ago, two ambitious, intrepid entrepreneurs with a wealth of ideas threw themselves into a madcap new project, the very first of its kind in France, taking Dormeuil fabrics with them.

Having recognised that bespoke suits, shirts and other accessories were often inaccessible for geographical rather than financial reasons, the two co-founders of Blandin & Delloye, Charles Blandin and Cédric Fourny-Delloye, came up with a very simple yet obvious solution to bring the bespoke suit to the whole of France: going out to the customer, rather than letting the customer come to them. So they invested in a “Suit Truck”. Fitted out like an English-style showroom, in keeping with their boutiques, with a changing room, fabric ranges and tape measures, the truck takes their company and their concept far and wide in France by going out to people directly, to their home or workplace.

It’s an idea that is simple yet effective: a two-hour slot with a tailor who takes your measurements and, over a coffee, advises you on the best choice of materials and cut for your suit, depending on the occasion. No more pounding the pavements in search of a bespoke suit or shirt: just look up the Suit Truck’s itinerary and make an appointment for a convenient time!

And the innovative “Suit Truck” concept is already proving to be a hit: following an appearance on two different French television channels and an initial circuit of France’s major cities, the diary is almost full already!


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