Wedding trends

Every year the season's weddings showcase the latest trends. After two difficult years for the industry due to the public health crisis, people are planning their weddings again, eager to get together to celebrate and share a special day filled with emotion.

Whether you’re a guest or the star of the show, the groom, finding a wedding outfit is simple – especially if you’ve got some good advice to follow!

2022 weddings: the basics
Whatever style of outfit you go for – chic or laid-back, plain or colourful – it's important to pick a style and stick to it. Having said that, there is absolutely nothing to stop you from adding a twist to your outfit with an accessory, or you could even opt for a fabric in wool and silk for a subtle hint of shimmer without being flashy.

2022 weddings: to colour or not to colour?
The current trend is leaning more towards coloured suits, so why not try a head-to-toe green or burgundy look? Or if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge with a bold colour, a navy-blue suit is the perfect option for you – both understated and chic at the same time.
And why not mix and match your suit? It’s completely up to you! Dazzle your guests with an original mismatched look. Simply opt for a jacket and trousers in different colours.

A note of caution: if you're not the groom then wearing white is off-limits – it could potentially lead to confusion.


2022 weddings: materials, patterns, textures – anything is possible!
•Striped pattern: wedding suits with popular pinstripes have made it onto the current trend list. Not only is this pattern fashionable, but it also streamlines the silhouette and can be worn for every season.
•Super soft corduroy for a retro chic style.
•Wool and silk jacquard lends unique details to designs.
•‘Barathea’ black is a staple and while it's a timeless classic, it's also very elegant.

2022 weddings: what about accessories?
Choose from a wide range of accessories to embellish your outfit – a tie, a bowtie, cufflinks or even a brooch, as well as a nice watch. To finish off the look, adding a waistcoat, hat or braces will give your look a laid-back or vintage edge.



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