Welcome to the new Winter 19 bunches!

This season, Dormeuil launch 6 qualities:

- Amadeus, the iconic fabric of the House of Dormeuil;
outstanding performance and great handle for this pure merino wool, made in England.

- 15 POINT 7, a super 160’s suiting produced with finest 15.7 microns wool.
- Exel Blue, a pure merino wool fabric, with stretch factor for absolute comfort.

- Amadeus Action Jacketing, a jacket collection, with a wide range of colours and designed patterns.
- Cashmere Supreme, one of Dormeuil’s flagship collections, for a luxurious and colourfull selection of cashmere.
- Infinity 5, a unique luxurious blend composed of Australian Super 200’s wool, Mongolian cashmere, and fine Chinese silk.


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