What to Wear This Summer: A Guide to Summer Fabrics

The cold bite of winter has subsided at last - leaving in its wake the mild
comfort of spring and shortly thereafter, the warm embrace of summer – and so, the time is nigh to relinquish the flannel suits, cashmere jackets and overcoats for yet another season, and hit refresh on your wardrobe. Whilst there can be no denying the charm and drama of winter dressing - defined by thick, weighty cloths and layered ensembles replete with gloves and scarves – it is in the summer that the technical virtuosity of Dormeuil’s fine fabrics really shines through. Summer tailoring should be synonymous with comfort, and it is here that Dormeuil excels…

Tonik® Wool
Channeling the spirit of Dormeuil’s iconic Tonik® collection - whose name it bears - Tonik® Wool has been woven from high twist yarns - replete with natural stretch properties in the weft . Weighing a mere 295 grams, its open weave structure allows air to pass through and cool the body, whilst its high twist yarns promote crease resistance. Sourced from the depths of Patagonia – an ecosystem that is pristine and pure - Tonik® wool has a handle that is equal parts crisp - reminiscent of fresco and mohair - and soft. It is this tension – this interplay between the opposing forces of durability and luxury - that defines Tonik® Wool and elevates it to new heights in the realm of summer suiting.
Featuring a collection of plains, plaids and pinstripes, Tonik® Wool is fit for occasions of any manner - be they casual, formal or anywhere in between.

There is perhaps no material so synonymous with the summer as linen -revered both for its aesthetic appeal - evinced in its subtle textural nuances - and its capacity to conduct and therefore combat heat. When combined with wool, though - as we at Dormeuil have done in our Naturals bunch – the technical and aesthetic merits of linen are tempered by improved crease resistance, drape and elasticity.
Woven from a blend that is 80% worsted wool and 20% linen, and weighing a mere 220 grams, Dormeuil Naturals is available in a range of colours that span summer pastels of pink, purple and green, to more conservative hues of blue, brown and grey - making it the perfect cloth for summer suiting and jacketing.


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