Dormeuil x Buczyński

Buczyński have been dressing true gentlemen for over a decade. Specializing in all things relating to suits, shirts , overcoats and dress shoes, Buczyński's on-going success comes from a fascination with contemporary fashion.

Since 2008, Marek Buczyński has been building a strong and stable brand, bringing together not only satisfied customers, but also tailoring specialists, material experts and fashion aficionados.
Throughout this challenging period, people have changed many habits; the home-office is encouraged and many companies have partially given up renting offices, moving meetings to the Internet.
Buczyński observed that men really need comfort above all. Clothes have to be based on the cuts they like, the colors they feel good in and the fit they prefer.

Buczyński has responded to the change in the optics of men’s suits. The brand has asked Dormeuil, their partner for many years, to accompany them in this new challenge by launching a special campaign using fabrics from the new winter 2020 bunch WOODLAND.
Woodland is the perfect fabric in accordance with this mindset. This pure wool fabric brings Dormeuil’s customers the quintessential cloth for a real, ever-fashionable “British” jacket that pairs perfectly with contemporary styling.

At ease in both town and country settings, Woodland luxury cloth makes for the ideal choice for leisurely walks or for the workplace. Woodland is a timeless cloth for creating warm, heavyweight jackets that drape cleanly and offer excellent protection from the cold. It also offers the advantage of being extremely comfortable, especially in an unlined, unstructured jacket.

Discover all the looks of this collaboration at the link below:

Clothes made by Buczynski:

Pictures taken by Ania Ofierzynska:




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