Bunka lecture by Mr Dominic Dormeuil

Last month, Mr. Dormeuil presented a class to the students of the second year of the Master’s course at Bunka, a very famous Fashion School in Japan.

This program supported by Dormeuil aims to educate the students about the whole production process of wool cloth : from the sheep raising and shearing, all the way through to the finishing process and how Dormeuil put the CSR at the heart of its strategy.

In fact, Dormeuil consider it is essential that young students entering the fashion industry be aware of the process of making cloth out of wool, and be able to recognize a real savoir-faire and technique in the creation and production of the fabric they will use to work in the future.

“There is actually no fashion without [luxury] cloth”, as Dominic Dormeuil often says, so the future fashion designers have to know perfectly their raw material before entering the fashion industry. Thus they will be able to choose it better, and to work better with the cloth and in harmony with the planet and the invironment.

A step towards the future !




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