Cashmere Supreme, authentic cashmere

The History of Cashmere

The lure of cashmere, that fine lustrous wool from cashmere goats, continues to draw consumers in from around the world. For several decades now, the name "cashmere" has been bandied about as if this scarce resource is nothing more than a pure commodity. The truth, however, is that genuine cashmere wool remains almost secret, loved and admired by connoisseurs who appreciate everything about this precious fiber’s origins and history.

The Mongolian cashmere goat, domesticated around 9000 BC, is the primary source of this extremely soft fiber, with inimitable warmth and softness. Throughout its wanderings in the steppes and mountains, the cashmere goat has become accustomed to the harshness of the summits and remains warm and protected, thanks to the animal’s fleece. As always, the most precious wools come from the territories where animals have evolved, in the company of men.

Cashmere Supreme is a testament to this proud tradition.

Since the House’s inception in 1842, Dormeuil has always been committed to selecting pure cashmere fiber from passionate breeders in Mongolia. This traceability and accountability guarantees a constant and consistent quality, due to the unique geographical origin of the cashmere goats.

Cashmere Suprême is one of the most emblematic Dormeuil collections. And for good reason! Never has a cashmere wool been so well sourced and worked to create fabrics and jackets offering natural warmth and extreme comfort.
• Pure Cashmere Fancies: a zibelliné cashmere jacket fabric, with a wide range of colors.
• Cashmere Blend Fancies: a fabric for sport chic or casual jackets, with a nano finish to prevent water from entering.
• Cashmere Plains: nano or stretch finishes for all occasions, and a wide choice of colors.

Authentic cashmere, in all its quality and lightness, is once again available for your wardrobe this season.
Dormeuil’s cashmere delivers the finesse and incredible comfort that only comes from years of dedication to animal husbandry, traceability, accountability and a commitment to genuine luxury.




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