Exel & 15POINT7: the great adventure of fabric, no chance of getting bored

The beach stretches endlessly, almost to the horizon. On a skateboard, a young man wearing a suit rolls into the sunset, then slices through the sand, as if he were the only person in the world. Free to move, he is off on an adventure whilst remaining utterly chic, the dawn of a new type of elegance.

And all because of two complementary creations by Dormeuil: Exel and 15 Point 7. The direct descendent of clothing that moves as you move, inspires you to pack your bags, the ultimate in comfort, but in the most stylish of ways.

Exel has been created using mouliné threads to create a sumptuous fabric. Its uniform colour is almost a semi-plain, but subtly so.

Its cut a less severe side-step around the standard suit. Originally intended for work wear, it is also a great fit for leisure wear, providing a more fashionable cut.

From city banker to the more casual young entrepreneur, it adapts to any situation that requires a suit, but without feeling restricted.

Where 15POINT7 comes into its own is special occasions, as if to symbolise - and indeed - celebrate, the return to life, to parties. The classic tuxedo is turned on its head. The burgundy colourway is a shade more original than basic black, with touches of silk that bring light. Once again, and for the better, plain becomes a semi-plain.

The nuanced shade and blurred line between plain and semi-plain creates the link between the qualities of Exel and 15POINT7. These two new arrivals by Dormeuil mark a return to their basic character and become original in every aspect, highlighted in turn by their micronnage, structure, weaving and how great they look on.

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