House of Dormeuil + House of Tamboite -another brilliant collaboration

After working together very successfully for the first time earlier in the year, the luxury Houses Dormeuil and Tamboite have again joined forces at Dormeuil’s instigation, to accessorise and dress up a bicycle with an iconic all-weather elegance.

My tailor is chic...and now out and about in all seasons

Both Dormeuil and Tamboite have a long heritage as family businesses, providing their clients with an elegant mix of exclusive materials and authentic craftsmanship. Their paths were almost destined to cross, the two houses demonstrating shared values and a unique twist to suave styling.

Léon Leynaud created the first brand of luxury cycles, Cycles Rych, in 1912 on Paris’ rue Dulong. A decade later, The House of Tamboite was founded in 1928 and attracted an illustrious clientèle which included Edith Piaf, Maurice Chevalier and even Marlene Dietrich, who rode through the streets of Paris on bicycles crafted in this workshop. When bicycle production became industrialised in the 1980s, the business was forced to close, but the need for authentic products “Made in France” helped Frédéric Jastrzebski, the founder’s grandson, to resurrect it in 2014. Today, these made-to-measure, one-of-a-kind bicycles are produced in workshops tucked away in a courtyard in Paris’ 12th arrondissement. Each one is like a sculpture, requiring several hundred hours of work.

For the Spring-Summer 2020 collection, Tamboite naturally came to Dormeuil in order to accessorise its elegant new model, ‘Fawn’, handcrafted of course, as are all its bicycles. The artisan bicycle-makers have devised a system of interchangeable frame covers, with the lucky purchaser of these distinguished bicycles able to choose their bicycle’s “suit” from a range of nine different fabrics from House of Dormeuil.

Dormeuil initiated the original inspired collaboration, having approached Tamboite to borrow one of the exclusive bicycles for a photo shoot for their Travel Resistant range. The success of the staging sparked an immediate desire to dress up these unusual bicycles again, top quality fabric in stylish synergy. Dormeuil and Tamboite in alliance have created a unique product again.

Technology and exceptional fibre go hand in hand in Travel Resistant by Dormeuil

Dormeuil, a manufacturer of luxury fabrics in France and England for the last 178 years, is the well-known specialist in fabrics made from carefully selected, responsibly sourced rare wools.
The new Travel Resistant fabric combines design quality and technology in this high quality cloth made from pure wool, woven in Dormeuil’s factories in England. Nano finish makes it rain-resistant, while the Silver Ion process confers antimicrobial properties. Suits cut from Travel Resistant fabric bear the hallmark of all Dormeuil fabrics, holding their shape well, staying comfortable at all times.
This latest collaboration makes a bold statement of exciting aesthetics from the two stylesmiths; Dormeuil designs perfect for the modern vintage styling of a Tamboite bicycle, ideal for busy urbanites and those with time to wheel along at a leisurely pace.




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